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How to find a good plastic mould supplier in China?

as we know, there are more than thousands plastic mould makers in China, So how to find a good one?

1. send an inquiry, make clear your requirement and discuss with the engineer.
2. if possible, go to the workshop. Equipment and  experience is important.
3. Of course, not too expensive
4. Good after-sale Service

Aoyee Mould is a good plastic mould maker in China, with more than 20 years’ experiences.If you have any inquiry of mould, feel free to send inquiry to us.

Huangyan Mould History

Mould as the mother of industrial sector, for pillar industries of the national economy like machinery, electronics, automotive, petrochemical and construction played a role as benefit amplifier and a measurement of a country’s manufacturing sector.

Huangyan mould industry sprout in the 1950s. By the end of 2009, there are more than 2,000 mould manufacturing enterprises, including plants, of which more than 500 professional huangyan mould factories, and over 90 are sizeable. In 2009 in the whole Huangyan region, the output value exceeded ten billion, and mold has become a local pillar industry, at the same time, Huangyan mold industry is the country’s most concentrated area.

After years of development, the mold industry cluster effect significantly, forming complete Huangyan mould manufacturer industry circles. Huangyan Mold has gone from hand-molding to the modern CNC mold production process, and has become a world-renowned mold production base.

At the situation of the Huangyan mold industry come to the birth of public network service platform:, who as the platform carrier, from the beginning to serve the construction of the main corporate network Huangyan Mould camp, develop into all mold-related enterprises online marketplace for online transactions. takes information technology services as the means to establish an efficient manufacturing market online, and become a sustainable, customer satisfaction mold industry public service platform.