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Common Q&A’s For Preform Mould



Sustainable Solutions of Preform Mould

The preform bottom turn white 1. The temperature of hot runner is not high enough.
2. The temperature of Material is not high enough

1. Strengthen heat insulation measures;

2. Raise the temperature of hot sprue in the place;

3. Raise the temperature of the material suitably;

4. Quick the speed of injection;

5. Reduce packing time;

6. Slow down the cold water speed.


The preform is not transparent

1. The raw material is not dry enough;
2. The raw material is not plastifying completely;
3. the preform is too thick or not cold enough;
4. It is mixed with other plastic material;
5. The temperature of the material is too low.
1. Dry over 4 hours;2. Raise the temperature of the material;

3. Quick rotate speed of screw;

4. Ensure the raw material dry to only have 0.02% water in the temperature of 165 ℃;

5. To make the wall more thin.

The preform turn from transparent to non-transparent Demould temperature is too high. 1. More cooling water;2. Extend cooling time;

3. Change the injection time.

There is mist at one side of the preform 1. The packing is too high;2. The film pouring gate is eccentric 1. Reduce the pressure;2. Revise the mold

Challenges To China Preform Mould Maker

How to design a best quality product within a budget limitation is a big problem for today’s China perform mould maker.

As we all see, most Mineral Water Brands require a specific design and color to consistent with their public image. Yes, the custom designs  have become popular in today’s production activities.

When it considered the customization demands, the material is also different. Some materials are more expensive for its superiority in certain aspect. Meanwhile, high quality machines are the basis to produce perfect products.

Whether the high quality products or the machine, the ultimate goal is to make the customers to have a good impression on their products, which  they could survive and develop in the intense market competitiveness.

Analysis of Preform Process

When prepare for bottle blow molding, first inject PET chips to preforms. It requires the proportion of second-recycled materials not too high (5%), and the recovery can not be more than two times. Preform mould needs to store more than 48 hours before using. After heating, the preforms did not use must then be stored more than 48 hours before being re-used for heating. Preform storage time should not exceed six months. Injection stretch blow molding is biaxially oriented stretch blow molding is a viscoelastic state of the polymer in the preform is axially stretched by mechanical means, a method using compressed air radially blown molded container preforms, forming characteristics of this method is the same axial and radial stretching ratio, can improve the mechanical properties of the blown container, permeation barrier properties, transparency, reducing the wall thickness, which is the thinnest wall thickness in blow molding a process.

How to Choose the Preform Mould: To Start with the Hot Runner Nozzle

What are the effects of choosing the hot runner nozzle for our preform mould?
It can be mainly introduced from the following aspects:
1.The quality of the product: products of different weight have different requires for hot runner.
2.Plastic raw materials: different plastic raw materials have its processing of production, which will affect the selected hot runner systems.
3.Mould: what is the number of mold cavity? How is the material like? These all have a high relationship with the related hot runner.
4.Cycle period: a fast production cycle means a high requirement of nozzle.
5.Nozzle: the nozzle can be distinguished according to size, temperature distribution, physical characteristics, materials (copper, steel, etc.), and the ease of maintenance and price etc.
6.Temperature control: it is very necessary for each nozzle to connect to a relatively complex temperature controller.
7.Design: general speaking, all of us known that the design of products must go first. In order to guarantee the appearance of products smooth, the designers have to consider many factors of product mix design.


hot runner nozzle

hot runner nozzle

PET is a Common Seen Resign Material

PET is a common seen resin material in daily life. The melting point of PET is around 245 degrees Celsius. Existing methods for achieving high temperature applications with PET involve the complicated insertion of premoulded neck into the preform mould and the body is then moulded in PET. This in turn is blown into an oversize bottle which is transferred to an oven at 220 to 230 degrees Celsius for 30 seconds producing up to 40 percent crystallinity and causing the bottle to shrink to smaller than the final size. A second blowing step then gives a container of required dimentsions with high crystallinity and capable of withstanding 90 degrees temperatures.

PET bottles are with features of high strength, good transparency, non-toxic, anti-penetration, light weight, high production efficiency, so it has been widely used.

PET plastic molding process can be  plastic injection moulding, extrusion molding, blow molding, coating, bonding, machining, plating, electroplating, vacuum metallization, printing and so on.

PET bottles
PET bottles

Some Keywords of Preform Mould

Most of us have benefited a lot from the pet bottles, and there we conclude out some key word about it.

There is no doubt be the first piece of plastic bottles is durable. Plastic bottle is usually hard now. Compared to the glass bottles, plastic bottles can last longer – it is not easy to break and to cause harm.

Beyond toughness and low costs, plastic bottle is also corrosion resistant. Most of them can be used for many years, even though the weather is rough, or the chemical corrosion.

The third is the lightweight and transparent. People could enjoy the convenience of plastic bottles – it is easy and handy to carry while traveling and you can see the whole contents inside clearly.

Last but not least, recyclable – most plastic wastes can be recycled. What should the preform mould maker to do is to try their best to control the material use, pollution and environmental protection.

How to Develop Preform Mould Industry?

The development of china’s preform mould material industry is lagged behind the downstream industries.

China’s market relies heavily on imported pet. As china’s economy grows, domestic demands for pet are increasing year by year.

Due to the price conduction, the development of its upstream industry-petrochemical industry has greatly decreasing, so does the pet preform industry-which is still in the downturn of Industry reshuffle.

In this situation, what should the pet preform mould maker do is to have a further investigation of this industry, and make up detailed planes for the demands of  international and domestic market.

A Comparison of the Preforms and Bottles

Preform – as a semi finished product of blow molding plastic bottles, and there must exists a unified standard and rule for its making. General speaking, in order to make the factories in a convenient purchase, gram weight and bottle diameter of preform usually are uniformed,

For preform mould maker, preform, they could well-stocked according to market expectations and long-term production experience, unlike the shaped plastic bottles. Compared to the plastic bottle manufactures, it is undoubtedly that preform mould maker has the huge advantage in organizing production.

When it considered the selling season, preform mould maker had better to arrange production to meet the market characteristics in different seasons. For example, both spring and autumn are the shopping season for beverage bottle preform and water bottle preform.

A Brief Introduction of Cap Types

A preform mould maker will introduce the classification and profession to you here.

There are many types of caps in the market. But it can be roughly divided into some classifications of wine bottle caps, beverage bottle caps, cosmetic bottle caps, food bottle caps, and medicinal bottle caps, etc. each category have its own requirement in the way of production.

The main kinds of material of wine bottle are aluminum and plastic, and developed toward the purpose of theft-proof and counterfeit-proof.

While for cosmetic bottle caps, because of the structure of the bottle for daily use, the usage of butterfly cover and spray are most common in our daily life. An experienced and reliable manufacturer is particularly important, or it is very easy to appear quality problems of sealing.

There is no doubt that every country has strict restriction on the safe level of medicinal bottle caps, from producing to consuming.

Plastic Cap Mould Market

Plastic cap mould market is a market of huge demand, of various market segments and  competitive. In 2008 the European market produced a total of 200 billion caps. During  2006 to 2008 this three-year period it achieved a 6% annual growth. An integrated formula hdpe bottle cap had a more significant growth in the same period, annual growth rate of 9% and occupied 65% beverage bottle market. In 2004 the figure was 55%. hdpe one formula to benefit from the rapid growth of the cap product cost and weight reduction, the economy improves, this trend will become more pronounced.

non-standard bottle caps Represent high value-added products. These high-value-added products including sports caps, flexible nozzle (seen in big-bags of yogurt), cup cover (seen in coffee) and flat cap. Sports caps substantial growth in demand driven by the overall growth of non-standard bottle. Non-standard bottle caps occupy about 55% of the market, accounting for 45% of the standard cap.

cap mould
cap mould