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The Relationship between Die casting and Auto Industry

People are familiar with Auto industry, but few of them have heard die casting before-though it is a pillar industry for the automobile industry. Die casting, zinc die casting, aluminum die casting, even die casting industry, they can easily be found anywhere in our daily life, and most often overlooked.

With the rapid economic development, automotive industry has growing fast, so as the die castings. Just like the automotive industry, die casting have to face the huge challenges on the technology.

Actually, the application of die casting is really closely related to many industrial fields. But, no matter the amount of die casting, or quality, even the material quality, automotive industry has been leading the market. As always, automobile industry is the largest employer, and which will bringing die casting into a new world.


Die Casting is Developing

Die casting was nearly two hundreds years of age when it started. This is a period of history that is long and diversity. Seen from its manufacturing process, it seems quite simple, though the technology of which has been greatly improved.

Die casting is very common to see in the fields of production, and according to current situation, die castings will still be the main production mode in the future. The die casting moulds, is widely used for automotive, commodities, motorcycle parts and others.

Because of the widespread use of die casting, the modern industry has paid much attention on it. And die could shape the die-casting, which is an assurance of quality.

die casting
die casting

What is Green Die Casting?

As environmental concepts becoming more and more popular, the processes of die casting can also be green, from design to manufacture.

Now, die casting has been attacked by its low environmentally friendly production-it produces much waste solid and waste water. Aluminum die casting is a resource intensive processing, in order to make the surface of products more smooth and beautiful, the extra materials will be removed, and it can be used for recycle.

Green die casting should be low energy and highly effective, what’s more, green technologies could make die castings stronger.

Less pollution, less waste, that is a good vision, and of course, some stress is good, which will lead the control of die casting processes consciously and intentionally.

die casting
die casting

Features of Zinc Die Casting

Compared to aluminum and magnesium alloy, Zinc die casting alloy is recognized as the simplest alloy to cast. Meanwhile it will extend the tool’s life, which would be a cost-effective way to produce.

Here are some features of Zinc die casting:

1. With good die casting behavior, Zinc die casting can do the complicated shape of high accuracy requirements parts in a smooth surface.

2. It can do some surface treatment, like electroplating, spraying and paining spraying.

3. When it melting and casting, it would not attract iron, non-pressed and non-stick.

4. It has satisfactory mecha deal properties both at room and elevated temperature

5. The melting point is low, and it will melt at about 385 degrees centigrade. That means Zinc die casting is easy to mold, relative to other kinds of die casting.

Die Casting
Die Casting