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Regulation of Injection Process

The design purpose of injection process regulation is to make these negative influences ineffective, and thus to attain an even higher reproducibility of the parts.

The dicisive factor for all quality features that are concerned with dimension and weight is the internal pressure of the mould. Constant maintenance of this pressure curve in every cycle guarantees uniformity of the quality of injection moulded parts. If the mould internal pressure curve is maintained at a constant, all of the negative factors mentioned above are compensated.

During plastic injection moulding without injection process regulation, a specified pressure curve is established for injection and holding pressure, which can also be maintained with assurance with a regulated machine. However, the mould internal pressure curve that arises can only be assumed. Pressure losses through the runner manifold as well as the mould specific filling behavior cannot be identified.

With the application of injection process regulation, the mould internal pressure is first measured and compared with a nominal value. If there is a deviation, a hydraulic valve that applies pressure to the injection cylinder is actuated. It is thus possible to follow the nominal value precisely and independently of negative factors. The switch over from injection to holding pressure also occurs as a function of internal pressure. Thus, no pressure spikes can occur since the switch over takes place when a specified threshold value is reached.


Major Purposes of Injection Mould Tools

An injection mould tool has two major purposes:

1. It is the cavity into which the molten plastic is injected.

2. The surface of the tool acts as a heat exchanger, as the injected material solidifies with contact.

Injection mould designs differ depending on the type of material and component being moulded. Mould tool design and component design are equally important considerations for success. Component design is beyond the scope of this book but the various tooling, gating, temperature control and ejection systems that make up the mould tool will be considered here. After parts are injection moulded they must be ejected. A variety of mechanisms can be employed such as ejector pins, sleeves, plates or rings.

injection mould
injection mould

Technological Development of the Blow Molding Machine

Beverage companies for the blowing equipment, the two urgent needs of one of the plastic raw material prices continued to rise, and beverage companies all the time thinking about how to reduce packaging costs to achieve the maximization of profits, so the use of advanced blow molding equipment to produce lighter bottle; the second is due to the rapid changes in the market, beverage manufacturers must respond flexibly to drink more and more short life cycle, corresponding to the increasingly frequent product updates in the PET bottle production in the production process the need to minimize the time to replace the mold. Give these two pressing needs of the PET bottle blower not a small problem.
The closed-loop technology is the connection validation process parameters are integrated in the process control system of the stretch blow molding machine to form a closed, automatic control and automatic adjustment of the combination of production cycle.

Intelligent machine control technology designed to improve the quality assurance system of the blow molding machine. By use of AgrPETWallplus monitoring system can monitor a variety of data such as bottle thickness and other preforms. At work, the data deviate from the system rating will be immediately recognizable, this information will be timely transferred to the blow molding machine control system of the preform heating unit, the control system will be quickly reflected and individually controlled heating lamp furnace ratings. Therefore, even if the bottle data, the initial set of process parameters remain unchanged, to produce the quality of the bottle is still stable and reliable.

blow molding
blow molding

How to Choose the Model of Blow Molding Machine

Yesterday I saw an article on the Internet  about blow molding machine so I think I can talk something about how to choose model of blow molding machine.

In general, the products they need to select the model of the blow molding machine. Manufacturers for different amount of general concern to a cavity the size of the bottle capacity, and output per hour.

Through their own need to select the models they need is critical. Today, the domestic manufacturers to do the blow molding machine quite as much, choose a good brand manufacturers should also be a key consideration in the price is right on the basis of the relatively large blow molding machine manufacturers are mainly concentrated in Taizhou, Zhejiang. And many manufacturers already have independent design and production capabilities, the model required a special customer requirements, and has a huge plant to allocate the various components of processing, coupled with good after-sales service system to provide intimate technical support.

Hope everyone can find an appropriate blow molding machine.

blow molding
blow molding

Chinese Auto Mould Makers Work Toward Innovative Interiors

China’s automotive mould makers are driving innovation in the pursuit of an optimal balance of vehicle performance, weight-reduction and cost savings, speakers said at the China Plastics in Automotive 2012 Summit.

In some ways, the Chinese OEMs are ahead of their Western counterparts.

Chinese OEMs are more willing to take risk,  the transition from “production in China” to “innovation in China” is taking place at a rapid speed.

China possesses some unique advantages that can facilitate the creation and application of innovative products.

Interior weight reduction

A vehicle’s interior accounts for between 130 to 150 kg of the total weight, At present, Asian vehicles interiors are roughly 20 kg. lighter than their European and North American counterparts.

auto mould
auto mould

Analysis of Huangyan Pipe Fittings Mould Industry Export

Huangyan pipe fitting  mould most export-oriented, and are generally sold to Europe, North America, Japan, Russia and other places, most of the companies are dependent on exports. More and more quality Huangyan pipe ftting Mould traveling at sea, sold in various countries.
With constant innovation and reform, Huangyan pipe fitting mold manufacturing technology is more advanced production process using sophisticated materials, high precision size, life constantly lengthened, more and more of the good quality, while the price is cheap relative to developed countries , with a significant competitive advantage. Due to the continuous development of the automotive industry, automotive mould consumption is increasing, Huangyan pipe fitting mold companies tightly seize the opportunity to attract the attention of foreign auto giants have already established the intention to cooperate.
Huangyan pipe fitting mould making sophisticated, high-end, only a small part of the enterprise is able to do most of the the enterprise export or mainly in the low-end of the mold, to fight a price advantage, profit margins are very small and difficult to produce unique brand advantage. And it is difficult to carry out technological innovation, easy to fall into a vicious cycle.
Therefore, only to improve their own technology to ensure the quality of the mold, received more foreign list, to strengthen the the pipe fitting mould export of quality in order to allow enterprises to a virtuous circle.

pipe fittings
pipe fittings

Blow Molding Machine potential customers

Today’s global economic downturn,it increasingly difficult to develop new customers. Blow molding machine industry also faces the challenge of looking for customers. Potential customers of the blow molding machine, what does?

A food, beverage, pharmaceutical manufacturers, smaller, they would consider purchasing plastic bottles. However, when the reach a certain size, it will consider the self-built blowing workshop, then you need to buy blow molding machine.

Two blow molding bottle manufacturers, including some of the larger manufacturers of plastic bottles, they need to replace the new blowing machine equipment, some of the newly established plastic bottle manufacturers, they naturally the first step you need to buy a blow molding machine

To sum up, in fact, blow molding machine potential customer base is plastic bottle producers and buyers.

blow mold
blow mold

Die Casting is Developing

Die casting was nearly two hundreds years of age when it started. This is a period of history that is long and diversity. Seen from its manufacturing process, it seems quite simple, though the technology of which has been greatly improved.

Die casting is very common to see in the fields of production, and according to current situation, die castings will still be the main production mode in the future. The die casting moulds, is widely used for automotive, commodities, motorcycle parts and others.

Because of the widespread use of die casting, the modern industry has paid much attention on it. And die could shape the die-casting, which is an assurance of quality.

die casting
die casting

What is Injection Blow Molding Process

Injection blow molding process is a combination of injection moulding and blow moulding. It is use to manufacture high quality bottles and jars.

An injection blow molding machine usually has three mould stations, tube-like parisons, or preforms, are injection moulded at the first station, while still hot, these are transferred on mandrels to the blowing station where they are inflated in a set of blow moulds. The blown containers are then transferred to the ejection station.

Because the parisons are injection moulded, injection blown containers have a high quality neck finish and a better surface finish than extrusion blown containers. Tooling costs are high because a preform mould and blow mould are required. The process is usually used for smaller containers and finds its main applications in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics field.

preform mould
preform mould

Die Casting and Automotive Parts

As we all see, many manufactures, especially the automotive parts manufactures,  various from steering wheels to engine support, die casting is everywhere.

Now, after the test of time, because of the high level simulation on moulds, dies castingcomponents are of high quality, and they are usually more durable.

Compared to other manufacturing methods, die casting is a cost-effective one, whether in production speed, or the productivity effect.

Vehicle lighting is becoming a trend. As an important part of vehicle lighting, the parts made by die casting, which is benefit to the reduction of fuel consumption and emissions to some extent. The power of die casting is overwhelming.

die casting
die casting