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The Definition of Successful Preform Mould

If you are a new hand, you would like to look for some professional mould manufactures, because most of them are very experienced and knowledgeable.

But, even if you find a good preform mould maker, you can’t express the things that you want, and then might lead to a negative outcome, with miscommunication. There always exist some skills in preform mould design.

Before you start your mold project, you need to know the processes clearly. Like whether the design is reasonable, whether the product is applicable to the competitive market, and whether it could bring us the profits.

preform mould
preform mould


Some Tips for Preform Mould Design

What does a reasonable preform mould design means? Some of us are lack of experience, so that they waste much time and money in searching the suitable factories and the professional design.

For example, when it considered the mould structure, there are some common mistakes in our understanding. If the mould has been designed complex, and you have to face a lot of difficulty in the future production. While, the life of simple designed mould will be longer, for its friction reduction during mould operations.

Second in importance is the high quality cooling system, which will shorter cycle time and lower your costs, then brings you a lot of direct benefits and some valid clients.

preform mould
preform mould

What is Green Die Casting?

As environmental concepts becoming more and more popular, the processes of die casting can also be green, from design to manufacture.

Now, die casting has been attacked by its low environmentally friendly production-it produces much waste solid and waste water. Aluminum die casting is a resource intensive processing, in order to make the surface of products more smooth and beautiful, the extra materials will be removed, and it can be used for recycle.

Green die casting should be low energy and highly effective, what’s more, green technologies could make die castings stronger.

Less pollution, less waste, that is a good vision, and of course, some stress is good, which will lead the control of die casting processes consciously and intentionally.

die casting
die casting

To Recycle Plastic Bottle in a Correct Way

The plastic lids, tops and caps are not accepted by many recycling centers. Why is that?

On one hand, the design of plastic bottles is set before production-whether in cap mould design or raw material selection.

Just like someone says, any plastic can be recycled, but once mixed; the combination is considered as the pollutants rather than resources, so to separate them before processing is necessary.

On the other hand, recycling plastic bottle with caps may post dangers to workers.

During road transportation, if the temperature increases, the tightly closed empty plastic bottle is readily explosive. Thus, that will put the workers in a dangerous situation.

In conclusion, the behavior of removing caps before recycling is a responsible thing. And for some recycling centers, the separated plastics might able to be recycled.

cap mould
cap mould

Features of Zinc Die Casting

Compared to aluminum and magnesium alloy, Zinc die casting alloy is recognized as the simplest alloy to cast. Meanwhile it will extend the tool’s life, which would be a cost-effective way to produce.

Here are some features of Zinc die casting:

1. With good die casting behavior, Zinc die casting can do the complicated shape of high accuracy requirements parts in a smooth surface.

2. It can do some surface treatment, like electroplating, spraying and paining spraying.

3. When it melting and casting, it would not attract iron, non-pressed and non-stick.

4. It has satisfactory mecha deal properties both at room and elevated temperature

5. The melting point is low, and it will melt at about 385 degrees centigrade. That means Zinc die casting is easy to mold, relative to other kinds of die casting.

Die Casting
Die Casting

Features of Preform Mould

1. PET preform mould usually use 3D computer mapping design, which will improve the success rate of blowing.

2. In order to make the product durable and stability, Perform mould adopts steel alloys and stainless steel.

3. Because it is so short that the productivity will be raised.

4. It is easy to design perform in according to a bottle, and all kinds of mould design and manufacture Will be implemented.

5. In the production process, the entire component parts are processed by High precision measuring instruments and high precision machinery.

6. The products are manufactured strictly which will ensure the out-put of high-quality mould products.

7. To Work with clients on R&D and manufacturing.

preform mould
preform mould