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Die Casting Parts and Its Advantages

Plastics is everywhere in the past few decades. The usage of metal has gradually replaced with plastic products, just like some auto parts, commodities, and so on. While, the products manufactured through the die casting process, and die casting products are usually more durable, when it is compared to other plastic products.      
Whether for products designers, or the manufactures, die casting is a fine choice. Die casting is more suitable for precision parts making. And why is the die casting so durable? In addition to durable materials, die casting parts could resist higher temperatures, or other poor conditions.  
Die casting parts and plastic parts, both of them are the outcome of different economic development phase, and perhaps in the near future, die casting will be replaced with a new manufacturing methods.

Mainstream: Die Casting For the Automotive Industry


The development of die casting industry is always kept pace with automobile industry. During these years around 2000, the automobile die casting usually takes absolute majority of the entire die casting supplies, which always vary from 48 percent to 80 percent.

Of these countries, auto industry in Australia has relied heavily on die casting industry, and America has account for 48 percent, the rest of these auto industry counties are above 50 percent.                  

As is reported, the proportion has already reached to 75, and which will continue for the next few years. Thus it can be seen that die casting industry has accounted for a very important position in modern industry, so does china.

And now, except the common die casting, such as aluminum alloy and zinc alloy die-casting parts, Magnesium alloy and copper alloy die casting have become more widespread.

Plastic Cap Mould Market

Plastic cap mould market is a market of huge demand, of various market segments and  competitive. In 2008 the European market produced a total of 200 billion caps. During  2006 to 2008 this three-year period it achieved a 6% annual growth. An integrated formula hdpe bottle cap had a more significant growth in the same period, annual growth rate of 9% and occupied 65% beverage bottle market. In 2004 the figure was 55%. hdpe one formula to benefit from the rapid growth of the cap product cost and weight reduction, the economy improves, this trend will become more pronounced.

non-standard bottle caps Represent high value-added products. These high-value-added products including sports caps, flexible nozzle (seen in big-bags of yogurt), cup cover (seen in coffee) and flat cap. Sports caps substantial growth in demand driven by the overall growth of non-standard bottle. Non-standard bottle caps occupy about 55% of the market, accounting for 45% of the standard cap.

cap mould
cap mould

What is High-qualified Preform Mould?

Preform Mould in our daily life, plays an important role. It is widely used in edible oils, beverages, candy, cosmetics, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and many other packaging industry. Preform mould with features of high quality, high efficiency, energy saving, long life. How to make high qualified preform mould?

High qualified preform mould has the following characteristics:

1. The preform cavities are from one to forty-eight.

2. Performs used computers to simulate the tensile test depict progress blowing yield.

3. It chooses the world’s leading two double taper positioning skills, self-locking each chamber independently to ensure mold concentricity.

4. The mold cavity and injection core choose high-qualified German original special mold preheated disposal steel.

5. Thread mouth produces according to international standards, and uses imported nitriding steel which has high hardness and long life expectancy.

6. Stream Road, depicting the lead and heating temperature can improve the quality of plastic products.

7. Avoid cutting the gate, and cut down labor intensity. 8. The mold can ensure to use over 200 million times.

preform mould
preform mould

The Relationship between Die casting and Auto Industry

People are familiar with Auto industry, but few of them have heard die casting before-though it is a pillar industry for the automobile industry. Die casting, zinc die casting, aluminum die casting, even die casting industry, they can easily be found anywhere in our daily life, and most often overlooked.

With the rapid economic development, automotive industry has growing fast, so as the die castings. Just like the automotive industry, die casting have to face the huge challenges on the technology.

Actually, the application of die casting is really closely related to many industrial fields. But, no matter the amount of die casting, or quality, even the material quality, automotive industry has been leading the market. As always, automobile industry is the largest employer, and which will bringing die casting into a new world.