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Something About OPP And BOPP

OPP: Oriented polypropylene (film), stretch ability polypropylene, is one of polypropylenes.
1. Opp tapes: it is the polypropylene film to the substrate, have the advantages of high tensile strength, light weight, non-toxic, odorless, environmentally friendly, and wide use.
2. Opp films and bottles: with the advantages of low cost, portability, and good heat resistance, opp bottle is very suitable for hot filling.
BOPP: biaxial-oriented Polypropylene is an important part of polypropylene. The BOPP films can be divided as follows:
1. The normal bopp film: mainly used in printing, bag making, adhesive tape and other composite substrate.
2 .BOPP hot sealing membrane: mainly used to make bags and print.
3. BOPP Perlized Film: Used for packing food and articles for daily use after printing.
4. BOPP metallized film: Used as the base material of vacuum metallized, radiation, anti-counterfeiting, food packaging.
5.  BOPP anti-fog film: can be used in food packaging, consists of fruits, vegetables, sushi and flowers.

Several Advantages of OPP Film

Opp film industry is a very competitive industry throughout packaging industry. Because Opp film has the characteristics, like unique strength, thin thickness, high transparency and high gloss.

And opp film is good at moisture resistance, and the normal inks could also be allowed to print. This property shows that opp film can be used in many fields.  And it is a good ideal for packaging food, pharmaceuticals, and groceries.

Of course, film is not just only one type, and different films have its different characteristics and its own usage. With coatings like silicone, adhesive, prefabricated film, corona, printing processing, the film could play its different effective role in different scenarios.

Aluminum Die Casting Is Spreading

As die casting products widely used in automobiles, commodities, yachts and other important components, which, everyday, people will get in touch with these products.
Compared to other metal materials, the usage of aluminum casting seems more widely. Some aluminum die casting methods like plaster casting, permanent mold casting and sand casting, are welcomed by the casting manufacturers, for its strengths in fields of price and qualities.
the aluminum casting all can achieve the characteristics of some products, some requirements like certain flexibility, precise size, and individual designs,. And through some practical examples, aluminum casting will be of some less defective and surface defects contrast others.

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Advantages Of Magnesium Alloy Die Casting

1, low density;
2, easy to machining cutting, nearly 1 times longer tool life time compared to aluminum, surface machining is smooth;

3, the air hole of magnesium alloy die casting is less than aluminum alloy;
4, magnesium alloy die-casting aluminum is less stick mold, thus saves labor;
5, compared to the aluminum alloy die casting, magnesium alloy has a long mold life span. In good maintenance, the mold can be used more than 250,000 times;
6, compared to the aluminum alloy, when transit from solid to liquid magnesium alloy absorbs less energy;

7, China is a country with abundant magnesium resources, the government encourages the use of magnesium alloy;
8, the magnesium alloy die casting can absorb the vibration, and it is a good choice for the mechanical device to reduce the noise;

die casting
die casting

Development Prospects of Die Casting Industry

Recent years, new alloy die-casting products have been very popular in the market, however, just in the Chinese market. It does not mean it can be so favoured in other countries. So the domestic market is different from abroad. Nevertheless, Luo Baihui, the die casting mold expert, has said that our die casting products can not be going abroad for three reasons:

First of all, there are many shortcomings in using the raw materials which foreign customers cannot accept. What’s more, our country’s die casting production technology is still not perfect. Last but not least, our die-casting mold industry supporting system is not perfect as well.

These points are important obstacles that pressed the globalization of the die casting industry of our country. If we can break through these points, then our hardware products will be reach climax in selling in the international market.

In fact, many people do not know, die and mold are inseparable. Die-casting mold industry comes in to being because they are perfect match.


die-casting products
die-casting products