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Huangyan Mould History

Mould as the mother of industrial sector, for pillar industries of the national economy like machinery, electronics, automotive, petrochemical and construction played a role as benefit amplifier and a measurement of a country’s manufacturing sector.

Huangyan mould industry sprout in the 1950s. By the end of 2009, there are more than 2,000 mould manufacturing enterprises, including plants, of which more than 500 professional huangyan mould factories, and over 90 are sizeable. In 2009 in the whole Huangyan region, the output value exceeded ten billion, and mold has become a local pillar industry, at the same time, Huangyan mold industry is the country’s most concentrated area.

After years of development, the mold industry cluster effect significantly, forming complete Huangyan mould manufacturer industry circles. Huangyan Mold has gone from hand-molding to the modern CNC mold production process, and has become a world-renowned mold production base.

At the situation of the Huangyan mold industry come to the birth of public network service platform:, who as the platform carrier, from the beginning to serve the construction of the main corporate network Huangyan Mould camp, develop into all mold-related enterprises online marketplace for online transactions. takes information technology services as the means to establish an efficient manufacturing market online, and become a sustainable, customer satisfaction mold industry public service platform.

Make Your Plastic Injection Products Better

Most Chinese injection mould companies are clustered around Guangdong province and Zhejiang providence. But, how can we choose the most suitable injecton mould maker from so many companies and factories?
We can choose from the following aspects:
Have a correct mold flow analysis before the whole mold design is very necessary.

And second, you can start your design, which must be based on the customer’s actual requirements. A reasonable design will help a lot to the following workflow.
And also, a good precious mold tooling is the very key to the quality of plastic injection moulding products. Because if the injection moulds have some problems, and that will directly reflected on the plastic products.


Common Q&A’s For Preform Mould



Sustainable Solutions of Preform Mould

The preform bottom turn white 1. The temperature of hot runner is not high enough.
2. The temperature of Material is not high enough

1. Strengthen heat insulation measures;

2. Raise the temperature of hot sprue in the place;

3. Raise the temperature of the material suitably;

4. Quick the speed of injection;

5. Reduce packing time;

6. Slow down the cold water speed.


The preform is not transparent

1. The raw material is not dry enough;
2. The raw material is not plastifying completely;
3. the preform is too thick or not cold enough;
4. It is mixed with other plastic material;
5. The temperature of the material is too low.
1. Dry over 4 hours;2. Raise the temperature of the material;

3. Quick rotate speed of screw;

4. Ensure the raw material dry to only have 0.02% water in the temperature of 165 ℃;

5. To make the wall more thin.

The preform turn from transparent to non-transparent Demould temperature is too high. 1. More cooling water;2. Extend cooling time;

3. Change the injection time.

There is mist at one side of the preform 1. The packing is too high;2. The film pouring gate is eccentric 1. Reduce the pressure;2. Revise the mold

Why Aluminum Die Casting is Commonly Used?

Aluminum die casting is the most common alloy used for the die casting process today, as it is used in a broad range of products. One of the main benefits of aluminum die cast parts is that it is lightweight, yet withstands the highest operating temperatures among all the die cast alloys. Aluminum also has a very high dimensional stability for complex shapes and thin wall applications. Aluminum die casting parts are chosen for their corrosion resistance and good mechanical properties which makes them a primary choice for a wide range of applications from electronic housing to marine applications. Aluminum die cast parts has high thermal and electrical conductivity as well as EMI shielding makes aluminum an excellent choice for enclosures for networking and telecommunication applications as it provides shielding properties while providing effective heat dissipation for the electronic components housed inside. The lightness of aluminum die cast parts makes them an ideal choice for handheld applications such as power tools and other portable devices and is also used extensively in automotive and aerospace applications for weight reduction and fuel efficiency.  Aluminum die casting parts are also easy to machine for high precision requirements and can be chromated, anodized, painted or powder coated without difficulty.

According to the statements above, aluminum alloy has characteristics below:
1. Light-weight
2. Highest operating temperatures
3. High dimensional stability
4. Outstanding corrosion resistance
5. Good mechanical properties
6. High electrical conductivity
7. Good finishing characteristics
8. Very good strength and hardness
9. Excellent EMI & RFI shielding properties
10. Excellent thermal conductivity
11. Full recyclability

Injection Label

Injection-molded tube technology is reportedly less expensive and capable of overcoming many limitations of traditional techniques. SOC Co., Ltd claims it can now make multi-dose plastic squeeze tubes with novel shapes and profiles in attention-getting designs with innovative decorating options, including textured and embossed surfaces, plus injection label and integral closures. They work with resins with enhanced performance benefits such as excellent barrier properties, moldability in long, thin-wall shapes and sealability.


The Producing Process of a Soda Bottle

Before the parison cools down, a hollow ramrod is injected into its center and pushed to the top of the mold, stretching out the warm plastic preform as it goes. Compressed air is then forced out in controlled low-pressure stages through the hollow ramrod. The plastic form is forced out to the sides of the mold. Because the stretching is performed evenly, the plastic remains uniformly thin and strong. The soda bottle assumes the shape of the mold and is dropped out of the blow molding machine as the two mold halves separate. A new parison is extruded and the entire blow molding process begins again. The actual manufacture of a soda bottle takes only a few seconds.

Since the introduction of bottled water into the market in the 90′s, it has become a household norm. Blow molding a two-liter soda bottle requires a preformed piece called a parison. The parison is mechanically loaded onto a stand and two sides of a bottle-shaped metal mold come together around it and is usually extruded from a plastic injection mouldplaced very close to the blow molding machine. The warm parison looks like an upside-down plastic test tube, with a preformed collar and threads for the cap at the bottom.

Is Die Casting Simple or Complex?

Die casting could be both simple and complex. Die casting generally uses zinc, aluminum, magnesium, copper, lead, and tin, and now zinc die casting is more widespread.

When it compared to other manufacturing process, die casting could be designed according to customer’s preferences and some special requests. Briefly, die casting is a procedure of molding definite that shapes moulds under high pressure.

Why we say it is simple? Because it could be conclude into a few simple steps.
Mold Lubricant is the first step to control temperature. The next step is to insert the molten metal to the die under high pressure. Keeping pressure until the metal is hardened, then stripping moulds from die cavity. Finally, to clean up the mould’s surface.

Challenges To China Preform Mould Maker

How to design a best quality product within a budget limitation is a big problem for today’s China perform mould maker.

As we all see, most Mineral Water Brands require a specific design and color to consistent with their public image. Yes, the custom designs  have become popular in today’s production activities.

When it considered the customization demands, the material is also different. Some materials are more expensive for its superiority in certain aspect. Meanwhile, high quality machines are the basis to produce perfect products.

Whether the high quality products or the machine, the ultimate goal is to make the customers to have a good impression on their products, which  they could survive and develop in the intense market competitiveness.

Analysis of Preform Process

When prepare for bottle blow molding, first inject PET chips to preforms. It requires the proportion of second-recycled materials not too high (5%), and the recovery can not be more than two times. Preform mould needs to store more than 48 hours before using. After heating, the preforms did not use must then be stored more than 48 hours before being re-used for heating. Preform storage time should not exceed six months. Injection stretch blow molding is biaxially oriented stretch blow molding is a viscoelastic state of the polymer in the preform is axially stretched by mechanical means, a method using compressed air radially blown molded container preforms, forming characteristics of this method is the same axial and radial stretching ratio, can improve the mechanical properties of the blown container, permeation barrier properties, transparency, reducing the wall thickness, which is the thinnest wall thickness in blow molding a process.

OPP Film: A New Trend of Food Packaging

In recent years, influenced by international packaging trend, domestic beer and beverage manufacturers start to use plastic film, instead of traditional carton packaging and plastic crate. Among the plastic films, the new type of OPP film is getting popular.

Polypropylene film (OPP film) is pressed of 3 layers of films, adopting steam fumigation craft. It has the advantages of good tightness, better security feature and harmlessness. OPP film is mainly used as labels and the packaging of dessert, candy, soft drink, bread and various kinds of goods. The films are complex, and often have multiple layers. They can be printed and machined. The picture can meet all the needs. And they also can well protect the products in wet and sunny environment.