Advantages Of Magnesium Alloy Die Casting

1, low density;
2, easy to machining cutting, nearly 1 times longer tool life time compared to aluminum, surface machining is smooth;

3, the air hole of magnesium alloy die casting is less than aluminum alloy;
4, magnesium alloy die-casting aluminum is less stick mold, thus saves labor;
5, compared to the aluminum alloy die casting, magnesium alloy has a long mold life span. In good maintenance, the mold can be used more than 250,000 times;
6, compared to the aluminum alloy, when transit from solid to liquid magnesium alloy absorbs less energy;

7, China is a country with abundant magnesium resources, the government encourages the use of magnesium alloy;
8, the magnesium alloy die casting can absorb the vibration, and it is a good choice for the mechanical device to reduce the noise;

die casting
die casting