Sorts of OPP Film

Pearl OPP:
Pearl OPP film is using polypropylene resin as raw material, mixed with calcium carbonate – CaCO3 and pearlescent pigments and bidirectional stretching later.
OPP film is with silver pearl color, which can reflect more light. The characteristics of gas barrier properties and water resistance are more excellent than other species of BOPP film. 35μm-thicked double-sided heat-sealable BOPP pearlized film can be directly used for ice cream, ice cream and other cold drinks’ packaging.


MAT-OPP is using polypropylene resin as raw material, adding powder matting and so on, bidirectional stretching after mixing. Heat-sealing effect is poorer.

Heat-sealing OPP
the surface is modification treated, and it certainly has sealing effect. It can be divided into double-sided and single-sided.