Analysis of Preform Process

When prepare for bottle blow molding, first inject PET chips to preforms. It requires the proportion of second-recycled materials not too high (5%), and the recovery can not be more than two times. Preform mould needs to store more than 48 hours before using. After heating, the preforms did not use must then be stored more than 48 hours before being re-used for heating. Preform storage time should not exceed six months. Injection stretch blow molding is biaxially oriented stretch blow molding is a viscoelastic state of the polymer in the preform is axially stretched by mechanical means, a method using compressed air radially blown molded container preforms, forming characteristics of this method is the same axial and radial stretching ratio, can improve the mechanical properties of the blown container, permeation barrier properties, transparency, reducing the wall thickness, which is the thinnest wall thickness in blow molding a process.