Common Q&A’s For Preform Mould



Sustainable Solutions of Preform Mould

The preform bottom turn white 1. The temperature of hot runner is not high enough.
2. The temperature of Material is not high enough

1. Strengthen heat insulation measures;

2. Raise the temperature of hot sprue in the place;

3. Raise the temperature of the material suitably;

4. Quick the speed of injection;

5. Reduce packing time;

6. Slow down the cold water speed.


The preform is not transparent

1. The raw material is not dry enough;
2. The raw material is not plastifying completely;
3. the preform is too thick or not cold enough;
4. It is mixed with other plastic material;
5. The temperature of the material is too low.
1. Dry over 4 hours;2. Raise the temperature of the material;

3. Quick rotate speed of screw;

4. Ensure the raw material dry to only have 0.02% water in the temperature of 165 ℃;

5. To make the wall more thin.

The preform turn from transparent to non-transparent Demould temperature is too high. 1. More cooling water;2. Extend cooling time;

3. Change the injection time.

There is mist at one side of the preform 1. The packing is too high;2. The film pouring gate is eccentric 1. Reduce the pressure;2. Revise the mold