Analysis of Huangyan Pipe Fittings Mould Industry Export

Huangyan pipe fitting  mould most export-oriented, and are generally sold to Europe, North America, Japan, Russia and other places, most of the companies are dependent on exports. More and more quality Huangyan pipe ftting Mould traveling at sea, sold in various countries.
With constant innovation and reform, Huangyan pipe fitting mold manufacturing technology is more advanced production process using sophisticated materials, high precision size, life constantly lengthened, more and more of the good quality, while the price is cheap relative to developed countries , with a significant competitive advantage. Due to the continuous development of the automotive industry, automotive mould consumption is increasing, Huangyan pipe fitting mold companies tightly seize the opportunity to attract the attention of foreign auto giants have already established the intention to cooperate.
Huangyan pipe fitting mould making sophisticated, high-end, only a small part of the enterprise is able to do most of the the enterprise export or mainly in the low-end of the mold, to fight a price advantage, profit margins are very small and difficult to produce unique brand advantage. And it is difficult to carry out technological innovation, easy to fall into a vicious cycle.
Therefore, only to improve their own technology to ensure the quality of the mold, received more foreign list, to strengthen the the pipe fitting mould export of quality in order to allow enterprises to a virtuous circle.

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pipe fittings