A Famous China Plastic Box Molding Company -Eiffel

Do you looking for plastic box molds?

If so, I would introduce you a plastic box molding company who has been in the industry for over 2 decades – Taizhou Eiffel Mould Plastic Co., Ltd

Founded in 1992, Eiffel has cultivated a production team of comprehensive technology and rich experience. Eiffel now is proudly to be a Famous China Mould Manufacturer. Eiffel works on various kinds of plastic box molds, such as crate mould, pallet mould, beer and bottle box mould, storage box mould, folding box mould and so on.

Shenzhen Mold makers

There is a buntch of people who settled them in the prosperous city – Shenzhen, and engaged themselves in the manufacturing industry. Shenzhen mold makers have the characteristics of the businessmen in common. They provide molds with high quality and have gained reputation in the circle. What they are skilled in is, for example, precision molds. They can make molds in every manufacturing aspects.

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Shenzhen Mold Industry and Mold makers

Shenzhen is a place boost for molds and machinery. Among the companies, Shenzhen mold makers complement each other, and play an important role in the industry. It has advantages of advanced technology and responsive market information, producing and managing large, precision moulds, versatile, high life, high-grade plastic molds, metal molds, die casting molds and automotive panel dies. Mold products are widely used in domestic electronic information, communication, machinery, home appliances, aerospace, automotive and other industries. Shenzhen successfully creates a domestic manufacturing place of precision molds.

precision mould

Bold Shenzhen Mold Makers at Imould

The List of Bold Shenzhen Mold Makers at Imould
Mold companies Main products
shen zhen tian feng sheng industries co., ltd auto mould, plastic mould, injection mould, commodity mould,plastic products
rong zheng mold(hk) co., ltd plastic injection, aluminium die casting, stamping dies,auto mould
shenzhen da tong precision metal co.,ltd. precision mould,mould parts,date stamps,ejector pins,slide rerainers,side locks,guide bushes
shenzhen redfairy precision technology co.,ltd Mould, Metal Stamping Parts, Traction Battery , Prototype, precision mould, phone mould
hua wei product development industrial limited prototype mold, plasitc mould, plastic injection mold, toolings, auto mould, home applicace mould
volitation technology co.,ltd Stack mold, Two shots mold; Die casting molds;auto mould, household mould, auto mould
cn mould & plastic limited Elastomer Molding,Insert Molding ,2K Molding,Micro-Molding
xwch industrial co., ltd plastic mould,plastic injection mould,hardware, die-casting mould,double plastic mold, rubber mold
mould precision co., ltd injection mould, plastic mould, mould tooling, molds tooling
shenzhen actel electronics co.,ltd xbox360,wii,ps3,ps2,psp,ps vita,ndsi,ndsl,3ds,pspgo,iphone,ipad,game card,modchip,video game
shenzhen lehuahang mould co.,ltd Precision mould components: Ejector Pins, sleeves, Guide bushings, Guide Pillars, Mould Bases
shenzhen gold lodestar tool & die metal stamping die, progressive die, casting die, auto tooling,casting die, auto die, auto mould, home applicance mould
eny technology co.,ltd Google TV Box, Thin Client Terminal, Cloud Terminal, IP Set Top Box Business
shenzhen ares prototype company rapid pressure die casting,rapid precision machining,polyurethane cstings,SLA/SLS,CNC machined prototype
delson classic company limited papa bear chair, eames lounge chair, poet sofa, shell chair
landmark nutraceuimticals co., lited bodybuilding, steroidhormone, pharmaceuticals intermediates, Business
kwok fai precision mould company auto mould, home appilance mould, auto mould,die casting mould, plastic injection mould
welldo technology (hk) limited plastic injection mold, plastic molding parts and CNC machining part
hyx mould manufacture co.,ltd. plastic mould, plastic mold, plastic injection mold, automobile parts mould, auto mould,precision mould, die casting, home appliance mould, blowing mould
shenzhen changdong stamping dies co., ltd. stamping dies, metal stamping dies, stamping tooling, stamping parts

Where to Find Shenzhen Mould Makers

Imould.com has developed the website about Shenzhen mold maker and its top products. Just visit http://www.imould.com/Shenzhen-Moulds-Dies-Machine-Manufacture.html and search for information you may intrested in.

Shenzhen is an economic center in China. The total exports have ranked top in the recent 2 decades. Among which, mold export is an important part. Shenzhen is one of the most important and the largest mold market and export city. It is the industry leader in mold production capacity, enterprise size, technology and equipment, research and development capabilities, management, product quality and brands.
Shenzhen Mold Industry Status:

  • High-end Mold manufacturing is prospecting
  • Auto parts industry to seek new breakthroughs
  • International trend is evident


What is Blow Molding Technology

Blow molding is a technology that blowing plastic into the hollow article. In the late 1950s, with the birth of high-density polyethylene and the development of blow molding machines, blow molding technology has been widely used. Hollow container’s volume can be up to thousands of liters, and some have adopted computer-controlled production. For blow plastics are polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene, polyester, etc. The empty containers are widely used in industrial packaging. According to the production method of the parison, blow molding can be divided into extrusion blow molding and injection blow molding.

Huangyan Mould History

Mould as the mother of industrial sector, for pillar industries of the national economy like machinery, electronics, automotive, petrochemical and construction played a role as benefit amplifier and a measurement of a country’s manufacturing sector.

Huangyan mould industry sprout in the 1950s. By the end of 2009, there are more than 2,000 mould manufacturing enterprises, including plants, of which more than 500 professional huangyan mould factories, and over 90 are sizeable. In 2009 in the whole Huangyan region, the output value exceeded ten billion, and mold has become a local pillar industry, at the same time, Huangyan mold industry is the country’s most concentrated area.

After years of development, the mold industry cluster effect significantly, forming complete Huangyan mould manufacturer industry circles. Huangyan Mold has gone from hand-molding to the modern CNC mold production process, and has become a world-renowned mold production base.

At the situation of the Huangyan mold industry come to the birth of public network service platform: imould.com, who as the platform carrier, from the beginning to serve the construction of the main corporate network Huangyan Mould camp, develop into all mold-related enterprises online marketplace for online transactions.

imould.com takes information technology services as the means to establish an efficient manufacturing market online, and become a sustainable, customer satisfaction mold industry public service platform.

Make Your Plastic Injection Products Better

Most Chinese injection mould companies are clustered around Guangdong province and Zhejiang providence. But, how can we choose the most suitable injecton mould maker from so many companies and factories?
We can choose from the following aspects:
Have a correct mold flow analysis before the whole mold design is very necessary.

And second, you can start your design, which must be based on the customer’s actual requirements. A reasonable design will help a lot to the following workflow.
And also, a good precious mold tooling is the very key to the quality of plastic injection moulding products. Because if the injection moulds have some problems, and that will directly reflected on the plastic products.


Common Q&A’s For Preform Mould



Sustainable Solutions of Preform Mould

The preform bottom turn white 1. The temperature of hot runner is not high enough.
2. The temperature of Material is not high enough

1. Strengthen heat insulation measures;

2. Raise the temperature of hot sprue in the place;

3. Raise the temperature of the material suitably;

4. Quick the speed of injection;

5. Reduce packing time;

6. Slow down the cold water speed.


The preform is not transparent

1. The raw material is not dry enough;
2. The raw material is not plastifying completely;
3. the preform is too thick or not cold enough;
4. It is mixed with other plastic material;
5. The temperature of the material is too low.
1. Dry over 4 hours;2. Raise the temperature of the material;

3. Quick rotate speed of screw;

4. Ensure the raw material dry to only have 0.02% water in the temperature of 165 ℃;

5. To make the wall more thin.

The preform turn from transparent to non-transparent Demould temperature is too high. 1. More cooling water;2. Extend cooling time;

3. Change the injection time.

There is mist at one side of the preform 1. The packing is too high;2. The film pouring gate is eccentric 1. Reduce the pressure;2. Revise the mold