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Is Die Casting Simple or Complex?

Die casting could be both simple and complex. Die casting generally uses zinc, aluminum, magnesium, copper, lead, and tin, and now zinc die casting is more widespread.

When it compared to other manufacturing process, die casting could be designed according to customer’s preferences and some special requests. Briefly, die casting is a procedure of molding definite that shapes moulds under high pressure.

Why we say it is simple? Because it could be conclude into a few simple steps.
Mold Lubricant is the first step to control temperature. The next step is to insert the molten metal to the die under high pressure. Keeping pressure until the metal is hardened, then stripping moulds from die cavity. Finally, to clean up the mould’s surface.

Development Prospects of Die Casting Industry

Recent years, new alloy die-casting products have been very popular in the market, however, just in the Chinese market. It does not mean it can be so favoured in other countries. So the domestic market is different from abroad. Nevertheless, Luo Baihui, the die casting mold expert, has said that our die casting products can not be going abroad for three reasons:

First of all, there are many shortcomings in using the raw materials which foreign customers cannot accept. What’s more, our country’s die casting production technology is still not perfect. Last but not least, our die-casting mold industry supporting system is not perfect as well.

These points are important obstacles that pressed the globalization of the die casting industry of our country. If we can break through these points, then our hardware products will be reach climax in selling in the international market.

In fact, many people do not know, die and mold are inseparable. Die-casting mold industry comes in to being because they are perfect match.


die-casting products
die-casting products