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About The Die Castings Applications

China’s die casting industry has gone through four generations in the past sixty years. Especially in the recent twenty years, die casting industry is entering a period of rapid growth-the production of which has kept an annual growth of 13 percent.

Now, aluminum alloy is the main types of die casting alloys, but, it can be expected that magnesium alloy die casting parts will have an apparent growth in the next few years.    

Die casting parts are widely used in automotive and consumer electronics.

1)  The rapid growth of automotive industry promises to enable die casting industry to have a further development, within the overall context of auto-lightening.

2) Consumer electronic industry has entered an overall universalizing period of smart phones and tablet computer. Because of the consumer demand of slim, light and large screen, these problems prompt the search for solutions, and people find that aluminum alloy and magnesium alloy castings can just meet all these requirements, and this new trend has already established.