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The Producing Process of a Soda Bottle

Before the parison cools down, a hollow ramrod is injected into its center and pushed to the top of the mold, stretching out the warm plastic preform as it goes. Compressed air is then forced out in controlled low-pressure stages through the hollow ramrod. The plastic form is forced out to the sides of the mold. Because the stretching is performed evenly, the plastic remains uniformly thin and strong. The soda bottle assumes the shape of the mold and is dropped out of the blow molding machine as the two mold halves separate. A new parison is extruded and the entire blow molding process begins again. The actual manufacture of a soda bottle takes only a few seconds.

Since the introduction of bottled water into the market in the 90′s, it has become a household norm. Blow molding a two-liter soda bottle requires a preformed piece called a parison. The parison is mechanically loaded onto a stand and two sides of a bottle-shaped metal mold come together around it and is usually extruded from a plastic injection mouldplaced very close to the blow molding machine. The warm parison looks like an upside-down plastic test tube, with a preformed collar and threads for the cap at the bottom.

Make Your Plastic Injection Products Better

Most Chinese injection mold companies are clustered around Guangdong province and Zhejiang providence. But, how can we choose the most suitable mold company from so many injection mold companies.

We can choose from the following aspects:

It is very necessary to have a correct mold flow analysis before the whole mold design. Second, you can start your design, which must be based on the customer’s actual requirements. A reasonable design will help a lot to the following workflow.

And also, a good precious mold tooling is the very key to the quality of injection mold products. Because if the injection mold have some problems, and that will directly reflected on the plastic products.

injection products
injection products