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Are Your Plastic Bags Toxic?

Only few people know how to identify whether the plastic bags are toxic, and here are some tips for you to choose a safety plastic bag.

Firstly, non-toxic plastic bag is usually white, transparent or slightly transparent, and uniform in texture; while the toxic plastic bag is always colorful, with poor transparency.

Secondly, shook the plastic bags vigorously, if the sound is clear, it is more likely the non-toxic plastic bag; while it sounds small and stuffy, these bags are largely toxic.

Thirdly, the surface of non-toxic bag is very smooth, and the toxic one is always sticky, hair acerbity and waxy feeling.

If this method is not, then there is a way-by checking the burning flame. The non-toxic bag, like most OPP film, is highly combustible with yellow flame on the top; and the toxic plastic bag is difficult to burn.

All in all, you’d better to buy these products from the formal channels, don’t to covet a cheap and give your body unnecessary damage.